Eligible Events

As noted below, SAC recognizes some events that are not tracked by the Canadian Kennel Club.  SAC has developed criteria for recognition of Samoyeds participating in these events:

 Eligible Event


CKC Title
AKC, Other Club or SCA Title Awarded
 Title / Qualification for VA Level Provide by:
Agility – Other Clubs – N America Only N Y Y CKC/Host Club
Agility – Other Clubs – International Clubs N N N Host Club
Barn Hunt N Y Y CKC/Other
Chase Ability Y Y Y CKC/Other
Draft Dog Y Y Y CKC/Other
Herding Y Y Y CKC
Herding – Other Clubs (AHBA, ASCA, etc.) N N Y Host Club
Lure Coursing Y Y Y CKC/Other
Pack Hiking N N Y AKC / SAC / Host Club
Sledding N Y Y CKC/Other
Pulling – dryland (SAC)  N  N  Y SAC
Pulling – snow (SAC) N Y Y SAC
Therapy N Y CKC/AKC
Scent Detection N Y Y CKC
Tracking Y Y Y CKC / Host Club
Weight Pull N N Y AKC / Other / Host Club

Revised:  25 September 2018

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