Ethics Agreement

New Applicant Ethics Agreement

Please read the following SAC Code of Ethics carefully before proceeding to the SAC application form.


This Code of Ethics is presented for breeders, potential breeders and exhibitors of Samoyeds. Your foremost aims are the welfare and improvement of the breed, and to promote Samoyeds and the parent club. An ethical fancier is constantly aware of his responsibilities to the breed and he conducts his activities as follows: By joining the Samoyed Association of Canada members agree to abide by this Code of Ethics, and that violation of any provision hereof by a member could constitute grounds for official reprimand, suspension of membership or expulsion from the Club:


Each litter is based on knowledge able planning, including consideration of the parents’ freedom from unsound temperament and hereditary defects, type, structure, movement and general conformance to the official standard for Samoyeds. Members breed only healthy, mature bitches over 18 months of age and allows a bitch sufficient recuperative leave between litters, taking into account litter size, heat interval and vigour of the bitch. Members breed only registered and certified dogs over the age of 18 months. Members ensure that all breeding stock is x-rayed and certified clear of hip dysplasia by a veterinary radiologist, the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) or other foreign equivalent. Eyes of all breeding stock are checked normal by a qualified veterinary ophthalmologist prior to breeding, or have CERF recommended breeder option conditions, bearing in mind the late onset characteristic of some inherited eye disease in Samoyeds. Members agree to offer at stud only dogs that meet this criteria and refuse any bitch in violation of same. Members agree to supply the necessary time and resources for the ongoing care and socialization of any litter whelped, including, but not limited to proper shelter/facilities, adequate nutrition, fresh water and adequate protection against known diseases.


All stock is properly housed under sanitary conditions and provided with adequate nutrition, exercise, light and grooming. Further, members agree to provide appropriate prophylactic (inoculations, worming, etc.) and emergency care as warranted. The SAC member will not expose any Samoyed which is ill, recovering from or known to have been in contact with, a communicable disease until full recovery or the end of the incubation period for that disease has been achieved.


The SAC member registers all stock and keeps accurate records of matings and pedigrees, and abides by the rules and regulations of the CKC. All puppies not sold for breeding are registered under a CKC Non-Breeding Agreement and further urges spay/neutering options.


Members do not sell or consign puppies or adult dogs to research, pet stores or other dealers. They do not supply puppies or adult dogs for raffles, give-away prizes or other such projects. Members sell Samoyeds, permits stud service, and leases stock only to individuals who give satisfactory evidence that they will give them proper care and attention, and who are in accord with this Code of Ethics. Members make available to the sincere novice the benefit of advice and experience if requested. All stock leaving a member’s possession is at least 8 weeks old and accompanied by written details of feeding, general care, certificate of inoculations and worming as well as minimum 4 generation pedigree and copies of any hip/eye/other examinations performed on the dog being sold and/or its’ parents if so requested. The SAC member deals in written agreements to protect the future of his/her stock and to avoid misunderstandings. No SAC member shall refer disagreeably or dishonourably, nor seek to impair the reputation of another member in good standing to the general public, judges, or the like by reference to quality of breeding stock, puppies or other kennel or club matters.


The SAC member exhibits Samoyeds in both licensed and unlicensed events with pleasure and good sportsmanship. Exhibits are always presented clean and well groomed.


The SAC member’s communication is always (whether written or oral) factual to the best of their knowledge and belief. Special effort and consideration shall be given to any advertising to ensure that it is not misleading.


When confronted by a situation not covered by this Code of Ethics, the SAC member conducts themselves in the best interest of the breed, the Club and the Dog Fancy for the present and the future and as they would like to be treated under similar circumstances.


The Board of Directors will appoint a three member Complaint/Discipline Committee, the Vice President will act as an alternative in the event of illness, conflict of interest, or inability to work for the committee. Complaints must be in writing and can be forwarded to any member of the Board of Directors. The individual receiving the complaint will forward it to the committee within two weeks. The committee will then review/investigate the allegations and provide their report in writing within three months of the receipt of the charges. Disciplinary actions may include reprimands, suspensions or expulsion. Unsubstantiated, repeat complaints against the same individuals will not be tolerated and shall be subject to disciplinary action by the Board. A fee of $ 50.00 shall accompany all charges. If the charges are upheld then the fee will be refunded.


By clicking this link to apply for membership in SAC, I agree to abide by this Code of Ethics.

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