Juste pour le plaisir


Not interested in titles?  There are lots of other things you and your Sammy can do together, and the Samoyed Association of Canada recognizes some of them for their Recognition and Versatility Awards .

Some are described in the Canadian Kennel Club Non-CKC Events page.  Those and others are listed below.



  • Bikejoring – your dog pulls you while you are riding your bike.  This web site has more information.
  • Canicross – cross-country running with your dog.  This web site has information for beginners.

  • Sledding (on snow or dry land with a cart) – for teams of several Sams, or just use a kick sled for your single Sam.

  • Barn hunting can your dog find a rat?  Or in rat-free Alberta, a gerbil?  This might be the sport for you.
  • Dock diving


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