OSA 2019

SAC Outstanding Service Award: 2019

Pierre Gaudreau

Pierre Gaudreau has contributed greatly to the Samoyed breed with as a breeder, as a member of the Samoyed Association of Canada (SAC) Board of Directors for a number of years, in founding and promoting a new regional Breed club in Québec, and in helping to mentor others interested in the Samoyed Breed.

Pierre served as Québec regional director for SAC for many years and when he did step down he ensured there was some one ready to replace him. As a breeder of Nikita Samoyeds (Nikita – Élevage de samoyèdes), producing quality Samoyeds true to breed type, exhibiting in conformation to prove their quality, and doing relevant health checks on breeding stock. Mentoring others to follow the breed standard in breeding, encouraging them to show their dogs as proof of quality and educating regarding the need for health checks.  

He was a founding member of a new Regional Breed Club – Club Samoyède Du Québec. He was instrumental in helping this new club to meet CKC requirements for official recognition. Pierre has been Involved in organizing Boosters and Specialties for both the regional Club and SAC in the province of Quebec, and promoting these events to those interested.  Promoting both SAC and the Regional club to those interested in membership.

Congratulations Pierre!

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