Registre des lauréats du mérite

Association des Samoyèdes du Canada

Register of Merit Certificate Recipients

Note that the list is not complete.  If you can help add missing names or other missing information, please let us know.  If you have pictures of your ROM Samoyed and want the picture on the site, please send it to us.

SAC members can apply for these certificates by logging on to the members site.

Sires Dams
1 Can/Am Ch. Kenobi’s Darth Vader  HIC (Lucas) 1 Ch. Sancha’s Black Magic (Magic)
2 Can/Am Ch. Moonlighter’s Ima Bark Star TT (Bark) 2 Can/Am Ch. Whitespirits Iceland Nikita
3 Can/Am Ch. Orenopac’s Chaena  Can/Am CD (Chana) 3 Ch. Mountaiga’s Mariya Zoya  CD (Rhyia)
4 Can/Am/Bda Ch. Samovar’s True Grit 4 Ch. Shebaska’s Vashti Bathsheba  CD  TT
5 Can/Bda Ch. Samovar’s Kemo Sabe 5 Ch. Samovar’s Something Special
6 Ch. Nepachee’s Music Man  Can/Am CD (Roger) 6 Samovar’s Snomiss Tosca
7 Can/Am Ch. Snowghosts Go Better With Coke (Coke) 7 Ch. Samovar’s Mystique
8 Ch. Tnt’N K-Way’s Spirit In The Sky 8 Can/Am/Bda Ch. Samovar’s Sweet Gypsy Rose
9 Am/Can Ch Sancha’s Vintage White Whine (Spirit) 9 Ch. Samovar’s Snow Angel O’Alexann
10 Ch. Krystaldawn’s Sambucca
11 Ch. Polar Mist Lil Vixen Lucerne
12 Ch. Janika’s Satin Kerena
13 Burtmar’s Silver Dana  CD
14 Ch. Nepachee’s Kaolin Cameo  CD  TT (Katie)
15 Ch. Tuscany’s Silver Fantasy  CD
16 Can/Am Ch. Vanderbilt’s Neon Nightingale
17 Ch. Bobmardon’s Nakiska
18 Ch. Nepachee’s Silver Parfait
19 Ch. Polar Mist Viva La Dasha
20 Ch. Snowghosts This Gals Got Grit
21 Ch. Bobmardon’s Kim Of Shebaska (Kim)
22 Ch. Gandale’s Sonskashana Beahr (Kasha)
23 Ch. Snowydown’s Silver Sapphire  CD
24 Banners Miss Alexis Cheetah
25 Am Can Int UKC Ch. Polar Mist Bluestorm Electra
26 Ch. Sancha’s Naughty Nadia (Nadia)
27 Ch. Sancha’s Moonstar Madness (Astra)
28 Ch. Samovar’s Fatal Attraction
29 Blanche Encore Of Kamisin
30 Ch. Wolf River’s High As A Kite (Kite)
31 Ch. Mystical Marla Of Vanderbilt
32 Ch. Shebaska’s Astrid Of Kyserbear
33 Ch. Snowydown’s Silver Sapphire, CD
34 Ch. Wellwood Free Spirit Dushanbe CD
35 Am/Can Ch. Dushanbe’s The One And Only  Can/Am CD
36 Ch. Dushanbe’s Time Machine  CD
37 Ch. Samovar’s Déjà vu
38 Am/Can Ch. Vanderbilt’s Moonlight Magic
39 Ch. Brialin Starfire
40 Ch Vanderbilt Paint Me Pretentious  CGN  TDI  RN
41 Ch Snowstar Worth D’Wait
42 Ch. Millcreek Wild Irish Rose Plrmst (Irish)
43 Ch. Gandale’s Dreamsong to Sershan  RN (Vixen)
44 Can/Am Ch Cascade’s Tiguak at Gandale AGIV, AGIJV, RA (CKC), RN (AKC) (Cassie)
45 Ch Moonlighter’s Stan Beside Her (Sider)
46 Can Ch Sershan’s Moonshadow (Ziva)
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