Histoires de nos rescue

Histoires de nos rescue

Thanks to all the wonderful people who have worked so hard to give these Samoyeds their forever homes. These are some of their stories as told by their people and by SAC Rescue.

Blanche Neige

arrived at the home of an Ontario SAC rescuer in September 2019, after she was surrendered to a shelter in Quebec.”She arrived not understanding English, was meaner than a junk yard dog (just like the song), skinny and bony. You definitely could not trust her. There were definite signs of abuse, trauma and neglect. At the shelter she was sedated for aggression and anxiety. Once she arrived to SAC rescue, no more medication was given.

“We allowed her to interact with our 4 Samoyeds and often we had Samoyed boarders as well. She learned quickly what was acceptable and what was not.

“English also came quite quickly to her along with hand signals.

“She gained weight and put on some muscle. Her coat is coming back nicely as well. We felt that she was shaved at one point.

“By March 2020, we felt she was ready to be adopted by her forever family. Due to her past, we felt she would do best with a family that didn’t have any other animals. This way she could be the center of attention and loved the way she should be. Males in general have a trigger for her but with patients and understanding she is slowly coming around.

“Once Covid-19 has settled down we will be driving her to Chicago. The young family is over the moon excited to get her.”

Video links:

Milo at home.

Milo at the beach.

“Hi, thought you might like to know how Milo is doing! He is an absolutely amazing and we are all crazy about him! Thanks so much for bringing him into our lives! A video of him at home and one of him at Sauble Beach. “ Milo


“We were able to meet with Cathy at Winterfrost Samoyeds and after visiting the dogs we ended up bringing home Apple about one week after taking possession of our first house. Apple was renamed to Poe, as in Polar Bear, but has since picked up the nicknames Poe Poe and Poe Bear. Poe has easily adapted to home life and seems to have found her favourite seasonal napping spots. Snacks and snoozing are what she does best, which is great as that’s basically her day job as she travels daily with me to work at Orangeville Kia where she’s the Chief Treat Officer. Poe’s temperament, personality, and overall cute appearance make her a hit with the staff and customers. While there are many great stories, one is that we had a pair of customers drive over two hours just to buy a car from us as they saw Poe on the website and wanted to meet her; she got a toy and treats out of the deal…an expert negotiator. Overall, we’ve come to the conclusion that we are extremely lucky to have Poe join us, and we assume all dogs won’t be like her, but she’s certainly made us forever Samoyed people. While maybe not right away, we’d certainly be interested in adopting another rescue Samoyed!”






“Today is our 1 year anniversary of having Tara Snow as an official part of our family. My husband and I are absolutely in love with our beautiful girl and we are so happy that she came into our lives.”Tara is thriving in her forever home. She loves her walks and playing with her rope but her favourite is getting her cuddles first thing in the morning. Her happy howl still makes our hearts melt.

“We are so grateful to Cathy who helped us adopt Tara.”


 Tara Snow



“Hello, Angel is doing very well, she has gained full self-confidence and surprises us every day. The biggest change was an extraordinary hair growth, it had to be trimmed because there was too much of it, unable to get to the bottom of the coat and it was trying to felt.

“We has to euthanize her adopted sister (dysplasia too advanced, unable to get up, she had suffered enough to please us).

“She is bored and looking for her, our Labrador plays with her but does not have as much «gas» as she, hahaha, it turns into a funny race.

“If however you come to rescue puppies (before the age of 8-9 months), I would like to adopt another one, Angel could play to his liking. She still has a few fangs but it heals slowly, she was afraid of my grandchildren but she is getting better ans better, they manage to flatter her and she no longer runs away.

“She’s a real good girl, playful and naughty, we love her, thank you again for accepting our candidacy for Angel.

“Photos in chronology, you will be able to see the growth of hairs, it is astounding.”






“We drove out to Coburg just over a year ago, to see which Sammy was right for us. Cathy let out the first 4 dogs and right away, Luna ran up to me and locked me in her gaze. It was love at first sight, although it felt like we had known each other for lifetimes. After all 11 dogs were in the yard Luna was the only one who chased my youngest son around as he laughed and cried with glee. She came home two weeks later and she is, by far, the best thing to ever happen to our family. Everyday we walk together in the woods. She is an amazing dog, so gentle and fun and the perfecter our family. I am grateful everyday that she picked us. Thank you!”

Macaroon (now known as Bear)

Macaroon is an adventurous little guy from the massive summer of 2023 Ontario rescue effort.  He is up for cuddles and anything yummy!  He strives for human interaction and new cues to learn new stuff.  He interacts well with older Sammies and wants to partake in everything the adults do.  He has been adopted to a wonderful home and is now living his best life.


Dumpling is a very special boy who struggled with big open spaces and direct contact with people.  It took over a week for his temporary caregiver and family and the kennel staff  to be able to touch him.  Nevertheless, when he is outside beside his brothers for confidence and reassurance he is ever so playful and eager to learn and explore.  He is now settling in a wonderful new home.




Max is a big lovable and huggable Sammie bear who is very friendly with everyone – wanting to kiss and hug everyone he meets on his path. Max is gentle with little dogs and little humans. He enjoys outside play and going for a trail hike. But he loves water the most! Max is a passionate swimmer.
Max has moved in with his new loving forever family and it was love at first sight! Max is joining an amazing Sammie loving family with two Sammie sisters to share the rest of his life with. He will be enjoying the beautiful scenery of Nova Scotia as well! So happy for all.

May be an image of 1 person and Great PyreneesMay be an image of 2 people and dog

Mochi is a daredevil who led his brothers (rescued with him) to mischievous glory!  He is first one to find a mud hole to dig or play with a new and excitingly loud squeaky toy.  His confidence and readiness to learn are amazing.
Mochi is now in his forever home having a great time discovering his new world.

Cinnamon  Cinnamon is a bundle of joy and bursting with energy.  She has grown into a real butterfly hunter in her current foster home.  Cinnamon is a natural swimmer and enjoys her time spent by the water chasing frogs and digging for precious pebbles.  She is a free spirit out of three sisters and has found a home with firm guidance and a strong commitment to training.  She is now having a great life.
Zefir came to SAC rescue at about the age of 16 weeks old, and is a feisty little guy!  He came with an odd hitch in his gait, and the after x-rays, it was determined that he had his femur bone broken when he was much younger.  Fortunately it healed as well as could be expected without proper medical care/treatment, and it does not cause him any pain or discomfort.  He will have a unique strut, which will match his unique personality!  He has a BIG heart, is very cuddly, and true to his heritage, can be a bit vocal.  Zefir has found a new loving home and we are so glad for him! Zefir

Hope Another of our sweet Sammie rescues has found a loving home. Hope was the sweetest girl out of all the ones we took in back in July 2023. We would like to say a HUGE thank you to her amazing foster family who went far and beyond for this sweetheart, for their time invested into her proper socialization and for all the love she had received while in their care. We wish the world would have more people like Hope’s foster family – thank you ❤️
Now Hope will have a new Sammie brother Marshal who graduated from our kennel, and a new furever family to call her own.


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