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Membership in SAC

Members of SAC:

  • must be residents of Canada, who are 18 years of age or older (with the exception of Junior members and Associate members – see below)
  • are required to pay membership dues as established by the Club
  • are expected to support the objectives of the Club and adhere to the Code of Ethics of the Club
  • are entitled to receive access to a copy of the Bulletin
  • must not be suspended, debarred, deprived, expelled, have their membership terminated by the CKC’s Discipline Committee

There are several membership categories (for greater detail, please refer to the SAC Bylaws) :

  • Regular membersmust be owners of, or have owned in the last twelve months, a purebred Samoyed(s) registered with the CKC, or other official registering body recognized by the CKC (i.e. American Kennel Club, FCI, etc.)
  • Family Membersmust be owners of a Samoyed as outlined above for Regular members, but the Samoyed(s) may be owned jointly or owned by the other family member
  • Junior Members – are under 18 years of age, and need not reside in Canada.  They are not required to own a registered Samoyed
  • Associate Members – do not need to be residents of Canada and are not required to own a registered Samoyed
  • Lifetime Members – must have been Regular members for 25 years 


Apply for Membership

Please fill out a membership application form:

    • all applications must include applicable dues
    • all applications must include one sponsor, who is a SAC regular, individual family, or life member
    • all applications will be reviewed according to the SAC Constitution and Bylaws
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