Pulling Title Requirements

Only SAC members are eligible to apply for these titles.  Applications are made through the SAC members website.

Event – SAC Title Level Requirements (distance for previous title not counted in total for advanced titles)

Pulling (snow) – Sledding and/or skijoring:  Recreational Sled Dog (RSD)


RSDB (Bronze) 75 km
RSDS (Silver) 150 km
RSDG (Gold) 300 km

Pulling (dryland)  – Sledding and/or bikejoring and/or scootering

Recreational Dryland Sled Dog (RDSD)*


RDSDB 50 km
RDSDS 100 km
RDSDG 150 km

 *mileage requirements for dryland events are less than for those in snow because of the warmer weather associated with dryland running. 

  1.  All competitive events in which a dog’s mileage is to be credited should have been held according to I.S.D.R.A (International Sled Dog Racing Association) rules
  2. Owners and/or co-owners must be members of SAC to apply
  3. Dogs must be registered with the CKC or have a valid Canine Companion Number (CCN)
  4.  In a multi-heat event, dogs do not have to complete all heats for their miles to qualify
  5.  Dogs may run in a mixed breed (open) team, but at least 50% of the team must be made up of Samoyeds (see also point 3)
  6.  Mileage verification:
    1.  For competitive events, mileage must be verified by the official Race Marshal
    2.  For non-competitive (excursion/recreational) events, distance must be verified by, for example, a GPS and photographic record, a Go-Pro recording, a marked map with supporting photographic record, or verification by an independent witness.
  7.  Competitive and recreational miles may be combined for any title
  8.  There is no time limit for completing a race or recreational event, and no time limit for accumulating points toward a title
  9. Any dog completing a single race or excursion event of 300 km or greater should, upon application, be awarded the top title in the event
  10. For distance in any event to be counted, the following must apply:
    1. Pulling for at least 15 km per run if a team consists of 3 or more dogs (7 km if dryland pulling)
    2. Pulling for at least 7 km per run if a team consists of 2 dogs (4 km if dryland pulling)
    3.  Pulling for at least 4 km per run if only one dog is pulling (2 km if dryland pulling)
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