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All breeders listed here are members in good standing of the Samoyed Association of Canada.  They have agreed to have their contact information listed here, and they have agreed to abide by the SAC Code of Ethics.

The Samoyed Association of Canada does not endorse any of the breeders listed.

The Canadian Kennel Club provides information on how to select a reputable breeder.




Brightwood Samoyeds – Robyn Pennell
Dushanbe Samoyeds – Linda Johnson

Linrosa Samoyeds – Linda Roulston 
Manshe Samoyeds – Bobbi Jo Sears 
Snowstar Samoyeds – Marg MacFadden 


Élevage Nikita – Louise et Pierre Gaudreau
Etoilpolaire Kennels – France Marcheterre
Rafale Samoyeds – Mélanie Carrier 
Supersammy Samoyeds – Zihoa Zeng 


Bobmardon Samoyeds – Dr. Bob Gaskin
Kolinka Samoyeds – Wm. & Nancy Gray 
Samtos Samoyeds – Efeso Dos Santos
Snowybear Samoyeds – Tina & Doug Gibson
Winterfrost Samoyeds – Cathy Walker


Blitzen Samoyeds Ken and Lisa Ball
Hartstone Samoyeds – Peter Lloyd

Gandale Samoyeds – Dr. Sheri Dalton 

Sershan Samoyeds – Lisa Hubenig 
Snowfire Samoyeds – Paul & Debbie Rintoul
Swedes Hut Samoyeds – Stefan Martensson and Catharina Lind  
Triartica Samoyeds – Bob & Shirley Marshall
Winterpeg Samoyeds – Dr. Jeanine Woods

British Columbia

Dormo Samoyeds – Maria Chow
Sancha Samoyeds – Pat Cummins 

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