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Samoyeds Available for Adoption

Updated 16 September 2023

Please note that, although the Sam may not be able to go to its new home until the date mentioned, applications can be made immediately.  If you need more information, please contact rescue@samoyed.ca.

Also, SAC Rescue will not ship the dogs (they have been through enough already) and because their backgrounds are unknown, we cannot provide health or other guarantees.

If you cannot commit to adoption, but are interested in fostering a dog, most of the dogs listed here are in need of fostering until a permanent home can be found.  If you can help, please fill out the form linked at the bottom of the Rescue page and indicate your interest in becoming a foster home.


Available now

Baby (Female) is approximately 2 years of age, who has had at least one litter of puppies. She is a very energetic and active girl, and not shy of strangers and happy to explore. However, regardless of her petite size, she can be bossy to other dogs (from observation within the Rescue Sammies she had been with); no aggression or resource guarding has been noted. Baby has a mind of her own and likes when she is the centre of attention, hence her “bossy” character can be seen.
She is great with small children and smaller breed dogs. Baby is a true Sammie when it comes to voicing her opinion and can be quite vocal in expressing her feelings. She will require basic command training, leash walking and desensitization to crowds with load noise and/or traffic.


Available now

Hope (female) is approximately 3 years of age. She is a big cuddling Momma bear! She is docile and quiet and can be shy to meet and greet new people and will keep an eye on her human for reassurance.
Hope is good with her leash etiquette and enjoys hikes and trail walks away from load places. She enjoys the company of children and is patient with the little rascals’ behaviour but not noise. Hope will need basic commands training and more socialization with human interaction. (Hope is currently in season.)


Available now

Ginger (female) is approximately 2 years of age, who has had at least one litter of puppies. She has a spicy and perky temperament. This girl is always up for trouble and can be mischievous. Nevertheless, she has a very friendly and outgoing temperament and is not afraid of a good adventure. She is a very social and energetic girl who loves outdoor play and can be fairly vocal when voicing her excitement.
Ginger can be jumpy and overstimulated and requires lots of physical activity to keep her settled and behaved particularly around younger kids. Ginger will require basic commands and leash training. Lastly, Ginger does lack the black pigment giving her a very unique strawberry blond appearance with light hazel eyes.


Available now

We are still looking for the perfect home for our lad Bosco.  He will require a dedicated owner to continue behaviour correction training.  Bosco is a playful and active boy of almost three years of age. He loves his space and is not a fan of crowds. Bosco is good with other dogs and had cohabited with male and female dogs in his past. He is not great with cats. Bosco had mastered his leash training and has amazing impulse control (on a leash, prior reactivity and owner protection in his behavioural history). Bosco absolutely enjoys car rides! He can do it all day long as long as he has his co-pilot seat.
Bosco has strong resource-guarding behaviour (anything of high value to him e.g. food, treats, toys). We are working on it and he is getting better. Bosco can have a short temper in uncomfortable situations such as groomers and vet visits as he has particular body parts where he does not like to be touched. For this purpose muzzle conditioning had been introduced and is a work in progress (the new owner must continue with this training). His new home must be ONE PET ONLY HOME with NO WITH SMALL CHILDREN (he lived in a house with young kids before) at least until his behaviour settles and is corrected. Bosco is up to date on all his vaccinations, flea, tick and de-worming meds.
Bosco would make a wonderful pet for an independent person looking for an equal k9 companion to take on trails and hikes. He does not bark, Bosco will growl as a warning of something of his dislike or is alarming. He is great with basic commands (sit, stay, come, down and paw).
If you are interested in giving this awesome boy a chance for a loving home and family or know of anyone who would be interested in his adoption please fill out the adoption questionnaire at the bottom of the Samoyed Association of Canada website (mark Bosco’s name in the comments section).


Available now

This is an adventurous girl who knows she’s got the looks!  Muscat loves hikes and is quite an active girl.  She is a very affectionate girl as well, once she gets to know you.  Muscat will need firm but gentle guidance with her at times mischievous behaviour.  She is currently living in the same foster home as her sister Paprika (who often looks to her for reassurance) and we would prefer to re-home them together to help with her sister’s confidence.


Available now

Out of the three Sammie sisters, Paprika is the shyest.  She takes a bit of time to warm up and come to face a new person, and often looks to her sister for reassurance.  Nevertheless, Paprika has an amazing personality once she gets to know you.  With enough patience and positive encouragement and help from the right family to explore the big world around her, she would make a great pet companion and partner in life.  Paprika is currently living in the same foster home as her sister Muscat and we would prefer to re-home them together to help boost her confidence and give her a solid chance for future success.


Available October 1.  Applications are being taken now.

These babies (6 girls, 2 boys) were born after their mom was taken in to our Rescue, and they seem to be doing great!  Adoption applications can be made now, although they won’t be available until they grow up a bit and are ready to leave their mother.


Available now

Zefir is approximately 16 weeks old, and is a feisty little guy!  He came with an odd hitch in his gait, and the after recent x-rays, it’s been determined that he had his femur bone broken when he was much younger.  Fortunately it healed as well as could be expected without proper medical care/treatment, and it does not cause him any pain or discomfort.  He will have a unique strut, which will match his unique personality!  He has a BIG heart, is very cuddly, and true to his heritage, can be a bit vocal.  Zefir is ready for a new home and a family to call his own!



And of course, donations to Rescue are always appreciated.  Donation information can also be found near the bottom of the SAC rescue page.

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