Can/Am Ch. Snowghosts Go Better With Coke (Coke)

Born  July 6, 1988          OFA# SA-8392G24M-T  Good          OVC # 011443


Sire: Ch. Brydawns Cyan Snowghost CD
Ch. Tuscany’s Silver Fantasy CD

  1. Ch. Snowghosts This Is It, OFA-SA-9955G27F-T
  2. Ch. Bluestorm’s Take’em By Storm, OFA-SA-12328G93M-T, Cerf-SA-3610
  3. Ch. Snowghost’s That Voodooyoudo
  4. Ch. Snowghosts Coquette, OFA-SA-11496G55F-T
  5. Ch. Thebacha Celestail Cloud
  6. Am Can Ch. Hyalite’s Classical Jazz
  7. Ch. Erishann’s Coke On Ice, OFA-SA-10626G24M-T
  8. Can Ch. Hyalite’s Little Bit Of Coke, OFA-SA-10379G26F-T, Cerf-SA-2223
  9. Am Can Ch. Moonlighter’s Seranoile
  10. Ch. Snowghost’s Dance The Tide, OFA-SA-12128G51F-T
  11. Ch. Snowghost’s Chance The Rapids, OFA-SA-11523G31M-T
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